carmey desert mountain farm

carmey desert mountain farm, is located in the "land of carters".

having cool and dry wheather in the summer vs. floods and snow in the winter, makes every visit a whole new adventure.

carmey desert mountain farm offers you 4 wooden rural style hosting acomodations, 2 sutable for families and 2 that are sutable for couples and for hikers.

also we offer 3 diffrent sizes highly equipped tents and a camping site. 
the site is highly rated on "mapa" website 5th year in a row.

you are welcome to come in for a warm hospitality.

Warm hospitality

carmey desert mountain farm always inspired to give every guest feel like home.
our accommodations well equipped with kitchen, coffee machine, cable TV and etc.

our tents all have AC, high class mattresses and suitable to all weather.
you may also bring your own tent and enjoy our camping site.

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